How Ygrene Helps:

New Jobs

Every $40 Million spent on PACE projects results in 600 new local jobs.

Economic Stimulus

$40 Million invested in retrofits adds $100 Million to the local economy and as much as $10 Million in tax revenue.

CO2 Reduction

Estimates show that every $40 Million spent on energy retrofits adds 2 megawats of renewable electrical generation and eliminates 1200 tons of CO2 emissions.

Who Ygrene Helps:

All Property Owners

Save on your energy costs, make your building safer more comfortable, reduce your carbon footprint, improve the value of your property.

Small Commercial & Industrial Properties

Access a range of services supported by certified and qualified local contractors, engineers and auditors.

Large Commercial & Industrial Properties

Ygrene financing is available for the largest and most complex projects. The program offers support from such trade allies as Lockheed Martin and Johnson Controls.

Who is Ygrene Working With?

General Contractors

New opportunities through training, software tools, energy audit tools, lead-generation, marketing and project management.

Energy Companies

Ygrene's funding helps finance large projects that engineering companies are most qualified for.

Energy Performance Contractors & ESCO'S

Energy Service Companies (ESCO's) install energy-related measures in large facilities, historically concentrated on public buildings. Ygrene offers the financing to expand into the private sector.

About Ygrene

Ygrene has built our model and we deliver our programs based on 40 years of expertise in legal, financial, banking and operational management. Our network of major financial institutions, insurance providers, engineering consultants, and NGOs enables local communities to establish effective clean energy districts that benefit property owners, contractors, workers, the environment and the community.

Ygrene has been selected by the City of Sacramento and the Green Corridor to administrate their PACE programs. Ygrene leads the national Commercial PACE Consortium and was selected by the Department of Energy as a financial ally in support of the White House Better Buildings Challenge.

Executive Team


Stacey Lawson - CEO

As CEO of Ygrene, Stacey Lawson brings 20 years of experience as a business executive in the areas of manufacturing, technology and clean energy. Lawson co-founded the Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology (CET) at the University of California, Berkeley, school of engineering. She previously held positions as Division General Manager for Siebel Systems, Senior Vice President for Parametric Technology Corporation and co-founder of InPart Design. Lawson was also recently a candidate for U.S. Congress in California’s 2nd congressional district. She holds a B.S. in chemical engineering and an MBA from Harvard Business School.


Dennis Hunter - Chairman

Dennis Hunter, founder and chairman, brings over 40 years of financial and entrepreneurial expertise to Ygrene Energy Fund. As co-founder and former board chairman of Sonoma National Bank, Hunter has extensive experience at the highest levels of the banking industry. Additionally, Hunter has led the development of over 35 commercial and residential real estate projects and currently serves on the board of a $100 million waste management company. In 2008, he established the Global Legacy Foundation with the aim of creating real-world solutions to the problem of climate change. This passion, combined with his extensive banking and financial expertise, led Hunter to develop Ygrene’s innovative method of PACE financing.


Rod Dole - Co-Chairman

Rod Dole has 35 years of experience in public service with the County of Sonoma, including 25 years as elected CFO. In this role, Dole served as County Auditor, Treasurer and Tax Collector while managing the county’s $1.1 billion budget and over $4 billion in assets. Dole led the team that developed and, in the summer of 2009, implemented the Sonoma County Energy Independence Program, the most successful PACE financing program in the country to date. Widely considered the preeminent authority, Dole has spoken to the benefits of a successful PACE program across the country, including testifying on the subject before the US House Ways and Means Committee in 2010.


John Hudson – CFO

John Hudson has over 20 years of experience working in investment banking and corporate finance. Prior to joining Ygrene, John served as the CFO for a multi-billion dollar holding company, which held varied assets ranging from hospitality to structured debt products. He previously held senior financial leadership roles at Symbol Technologies and Sun Microsystems in which he was responsible for portfolio management, treasury, and capital advisory functions. Earlier in his career, Hudson was with Merrill Lynch in both the Investment Banking and Private Client Groups with responsibilities ranging from fragmenting and consolidating debt positions for internal and external clients to architecting insurance products. He also founded Preservation Capital Partners, a commercial financing and direct investment firm, and holds a B.S. in Economics, a B.S. in Finance, and an M.S.M. in Finance from the Krannert School at Purdue University.

Ygrene's Board of Directors

  • Dennis Hunter
  • Rod Dole
  • Kelly vanZutphen
  • Stacey Lawson